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Who am I? - About Devina Singh
'Stronger collaboration is the path, but better health is the destination' - WHO 2030 Global Action Plan

I received my MBBS training at Lady Hardinge Medical College, India. The nine years of  clinical experience in Emergency Medicine,  allows me to keep in perspective the relationship between the physical body and psychological symptoms. I received my FRANZCP fellowship in psychiatry in 2012. I pursued skills in forensic psychiatry and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I am experienced in Conversation and Masterson’s models in Disorders of Self, for working with personality traits. I am competent with Pia Mellody’s Developmental Trauma model as used in psychiatric recovery. 

Dr. Devina Singh
NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach Parramatta - NSW 

My tertiary qualifications WAS caring for people with medical illnesses and  in psychiatry with psychotherapy skills. I have lived and learnt life experiences. I am Fiji-Indian in background. Fluent in Hindi and English. My journey began aged fifteen years when I first left my parental home.  It has involved living in three different countries with exposure to varied experiences. I am inspired by and privileged to be able to work for, and with,  people negotiating their deepest darkest despair.  

My clients are aged between 17 and 70 yrs. I empower them to negotiate their challenging circumstances by supporting their psychosocial recovery choices. Emphasis is on the ability to complete their activities of daily living. They experience various mental health difficulties and/or other disabilities with co-morbid depression & anxiety. I provide Individual Support for ALL aspects of living. My area of expertise is working with arrested developmental life-stages and the entrapped inner child emotional difficulties, (nowadays called Psychosocial Disability), .

I am skilled to support YOhU to optimise your use of the available resources to help you live with most aspects of your disability-specific barriers.  Thus, enabling you to pursue your goals, dreams, and aspirations. I assist You to negotiate the associated Shame, Judgement. Labeling and the resulting Stigma with Ostracism. 

Services provided: 

Consultation fees $150/hour or NDIS price guide for services provided.

A service agreement and my Being Authentic plan is mutually agreed to Improved Capacity Building.

Areas of Expertise:

  • General Psychiatry

  • Psychotherapy Skills

  • Forensic Mental Health

  • Mental Health Tribunal Hearings

  • Time management skills

  • Interpersonal communicator to develop rapport

  • Rehabilitation (Life Skills & Psychosocial)

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Aged care & Disability Support Care

  • Empower Entrustable partnerships

  • Experienced in Regulated Restrictive Practices

  • Aggression and Functional Behaviour analysis

Supporting YOhU to make your choices........


The  Logo




The sword of healing stabbed through the Ego which is wrapped around as an arrow of infinity. It symbolises the personal growth and healing that will occur as the person processes memories from living as their false selves by becoming their authentic true self. Thus, being empowered with wings to fly and freedom to live as chosen. The inner critic within a person entraps an individual into being their Ego-Dog-God false selves. This is explored with psychodynamic psychotherapy to build resilience and being authentic.

Areas of Practice

  • I have a holistic approach fot recovery from ALL mental health difficulties that addresses the Bio-Psycho-Social-Cultural-Spiritual psychiatric formulation underpinning the individualised management plan. It includes attention to psychotropic medications, EMDR, healthy lifestyle choices, and maintaining the circadian rhythm. Treatment is tailored to empower the person to accept responsibility for their mental health & well-being and to develop optimal psychosocial functioning by embracing their reality and choices available.

  • I am skilled in care provision for those aged sixteen years to sixty-five years. Teenagers and young adults face challenges as they negotiate their development into autonomous independent individuals. It is essential to pay attention by providing appropriate psychosocial support for their needs and wants. Similarly, adults at any age face their unresolved developmental trauma issues that impinges upon their biological and psychosocial functioning whilst negotiating life stressors and stage transitions.

  • I offer intensive weekly sessions for suitable clients who are desiring deeper insight regarding their primary attachment style and their family of origin issues upon them becoming their authentic true self. I develop am entrusting relationship for collaborative care provision to support patient-led recovery for the individual. Long term commitment and a desire to change their current dysfunction  IS required depending upon variable individual factors.

  • Parents are the strength and backbone of families to help contain emotional avoidance and the shame-blame-game,. Thus, the responsibility for being co-dependent and any dysfunction is improved. How relationships are nurtured within a family is also how an individual relates to oneself and others. 

  • With 100% daily treatment compliance over a year by the individual, I posit 50% improvement in symptoms, interpersonal relationships, and psychosocial functioning IF seen regularly at a weekly frequency

  • Mental Health Support Services NSW

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