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Being Authentic


Days of Nothing

Tangled desires

Writhing in conundrums

A sparkle of hope here

Or a forlorn mirage

Sprouted from desperate desolation

To tire further the tiring times

Finally to sap the soul

Of all life’s longings

- Dr Rajnesh Sant

Self Reflection

Musings means a period of self-reflection. It is extremely important to listen to inner expressions of thoughts and feelings which can be confused (tangled), as in the poem above. We often live caught up in our need to control another person or situation to feel better by defending our perceptions or justifying our actions. We also frequently expect others to be different than what they choose to be, so hold others responsible for our emotions. Indeed, personal growth and development into maturity is an individual responsibility, albeit influenced by the external environment..

            Interpersonal skills are hugely dependent upon an individual’s capacity to live in balance with harmony. This can be done by paying attention to re-parenting themselves by self-reflecting upon their choices made and personal rules for living. Indeed, reality is often denied by living in WISHdom (defending emotions which are overwhelming) rather than seeking WISDOM. Personal values, respect for self and others, healthy boundaries to fulfil personal needs and wants, to be safe and self=reliant, are basic human needs. An adult still needs to be nurtured by oneself to be spontaneous, autonomous, and successfully functioning individual, who contributes to the society they live in. Keeping a personal diary to write your daily experiences of people, situations, and things as a stepping stone to developing an 'observer self' of the current thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and behaviours chosen is an important tool in recovery. It allows planning time to focus upon and executive functioning to achieve goals set.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychiatric recovery assist achievement of these goals.

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