I became a psychiatrist following the death of my cousin by suicide whilst I was suicidal myself due to my marital situation. I was offered a job to train instead by an AHPRA registered person. Since then, I have never had an opportunity to prove that I do not have a mental illness. The battle has robbed me of my livelihood and personhood.

This is why I am a deregistered psychiatrist who is attempting to lead my life by example for complex trauma.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

My core values are respect for all individuals, including supporting neurodiversity. I am committed to help people understand that medication, food, substance or alcohol use are easy fixes. In complex trauma, psychosocial disability, and emotional dysregulation; the only way is to self-manage all five areas of activities of daily living.

I provide coaching to understand how to have autonomy with choice and control for my executive functioning skills. There is a balance between how YOhU are as an individual and what the society expects from you as a person. 

The narrative is on the Services page.

Mental health difficulties and psychosocial disability with NDIS.