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Days of Everything

Bloom out of Gloom

Desires grow Wings of delights

The calm is not before the storm 

Just Serenity in a perpetual pose

The spirit sips hope 

Turns the mirage into dreams come true

Basking the times in fine fettle 

- Dr Rajnesh Sant

Dr Devina Singh, Psychiatrist Parramatta NSW, has expertise in mental health, neurodiversity & disability services. Provides advice on managing all aspects surrounding activities of daily living.  

"Sweet are the ones of adversity" - William Shakespeare 

  Being an authentic person


Facts of Life 


Womb to Tomb 

Beauty is Intrinsic 

Extrinsic is Fervour

Live to Give

Hope to Cope 

Mothers Naturally Nurture

Fathers create, Recreate life it Self 

-Dr Devina Singh

Dr Devina Singh, Psychiatrist Parramatta NSW, is skilled in providing most types of psychotherapy to support interpersonal communication skills with the ability to identify personal values.

psychotropic medications

Dr Devina Singh provides Mental Health Services NSW to support psychiatric recovery.

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